Rob Zerban | FAQs

Hi, I’ve been a supporter of Rob Zerban for a very long time but I’m not really updated about his recent activities. Can I ask how I can see his profile here as well as his past and recent activities?

Hello, we do appreciate you supporting Rob Zerban too. If you are interested in seeing his profile so you could know more about his background, feel free to visit the ‘profile’ section located at the top of the page. To see his recent and past profile activities, the profile section will lead you to his activities and programs he did these past few years.

Will you always post updated news about Rob Zerban? Such as his programs or things he will do in the future?

Yes, we will always update and share news about Rob Zerban like we always do. Many people request us to do it so it became normal for us to always give news about him. If you want to read recent updates about Zerban, you can visit the ‘news’ section and read tons of articles about his latest activities or plans in the future. We hope you can find whatever you are looking for in here but if not, you can just ask us questions about him as long as it’s not too personal.

Do I need an account to post something in the forum or is it not really required?

No, you do not need an account for the forum if ever you want to post because it’s not required. This is still a website for Rob Zerban so we only made the forum for those who wanted to ask anything or share something about Zerban. If you want to post in the forum, we will just need your name and email address, however, the name is optional and you can choose whether to give it or not.