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Rob Zerban | about us

This website is dedicated and made for Rob Zerban himself who inspired a lot of people a long time ago as he created his own businesses and ran for Congress years ago. Although things didn’t work out like how we wanted, as his avid supporters, we are still rooting for him and his activities in the future. Our team wanted other people to know how much he inspired and motivated us in both entrepreneurship and politics. He really is a good person and knowing how he wanted to help all of us as much as he can from his businesses to his reason on running for Congress, people were deeply moved by his thoughts, ideas, and ways to make it all happen.

He may not have won the elections way back in 2014, but he won a lot of people’s support and inspired them to hope about good things for our society. As a businessman himself, there are also a lot of people who wanted to become like him and be successful to help themselves, their family, and of course the people around them. Because of him, we learned how to stand on our own feet even though we grew up poor just like him. We learned how to be inspired, how to be motivated, and most especially how to be determined to reach our own dreams.

Be it entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, and more, we can always find inspiration from other people and learn how to achieve our dreams because of them. Just like this great man, Rob Zerman, he didn’t just intend to make America a better place, but he also encouraged a lot of people to make this country better in our own different ways. We all can be an inspiration to others no matter what our profession may be, as long as we intend to create a better place for the society and help out one another.